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Traditional & Modern Dance in Sarasota, Florida

Learn how to dance the salsa or the samba with traditional and modern dance lessons from Arthur Murray Sarasota, located in the beautiful Sarasota,Florida.

Rhythm & Latin Dances:

• Rumba
• Cha-Cha
• West Coast Swing
• East Coast Swing
• Merengue
• Jive
• Hustle
• Lindy
• Samba
• Mambo
• Salsa
• Bolero


Smooth & Standard Dances:


• Foxtrot
• Quickstep

• Waltz
• Viennese Waltz

• Tango


Dancing, Traditional Dance in Sarasota, FL

Specialty Dances: 

Argentine Tango • Progressive Two-Step • Night Club • Wedding Dances  

Complimentary Private Lessons

Join the fun and dance today! Arthur Murray is the original name in professional dance instruction. Nobody else has a longer, stronger track record in fast and easy dance instruction. Learn at your own pace with one-to-one, couple, or group classes. Dancing is healthy, and you'll be improving your poise and confidence while learning new dance moves.

New Student Special

Dancing is not just for the stars! All new students are eligible for a complimentary lesson with one of our instructors.

Please contact our dance studio today for more information about our student special.